October TechConnect Podcast: Alexi Venneri of Digital Air Strike - Digital Air Strike

October TechConnect Podcast: Alexi Venneri of Digital Air Strike

October TechConnect Podcast: Alexi Venneri of Digital Air Strike
In this episode, we are joined by Alexi Venneri, co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike, an award-winning digital response and social media technology company based in Scottsdale.

Living in a Man’s World

Alexi attributes her success as a female leader in tech to growing up as the only girl in her family and working in male-dominated fields like automotive and sports. Her experiences helped shape her mindset in a way that enabled her to become a successful female business owner.

“I was fortunate enough to be involved in an AdTech company “Who’s Calling.” We were a small team, and it never occurred to me not to be a woman in tech after that experience.”

As a result, Alexi believes that success as a woman in tech comes from being strong, innovative, passionate about technology and focused on the end results. In the podcast, Alexi will share her advice for other women interested in technology fields.

Company Culture is a Constant Evolution

Throughout the podcast, Alexi also shares a few of her strategies for creating a positive company culture, including how she developed Digital Air Strike’s employee benefits to make sure staff can grow in their careers and be successful.

“We really do go above and beyond for our team, and we make sure that when our employees are at work, they have an excellent experience.”

The Latest and Greatest Marketing Technologies

In the podcast, Alexi explains the latest marketing technologies and strategies that made the biggest impact in 2018.

“We look for trends to make sure consumers are getting what they need, so they can get helped in ways they never have before.”

Venneri also discusses how she began Digital Air Strike’s annual Automotive Social Media Trend Study and what businesses can learn from it.

Be Kind to All

Corporate social responsibility is something that’s always been important to Alexi. She speaks about Digital Air Strike’s community initiatives, and how one community service project cleaning up homes enabled her to bring an abandoned dog named Striker home to Arizona.

“We came across a home where a poor dog was chained up, and we couldn’t leave him. We had to drive Striker across country because airlines wouldn’t allow him on the plane, so our local head of partnerships rented a car and used the experience to bring awareness.”

Alexi provides listeners with an update on Striker, and shares her experience volunteering with the Rescue Freedom Project—an initiative to help get dogs adopted out of laboratories.

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