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Discussing low-tech downtime as a high-tech CEO

Discussing low-tech downtime as a high-tech CEO

By Alexi Venneri, Contributing writer, Phoenix Business Journal
May 30, 2019

As much as I love the excitement and ever-changing landscape of the technology industry, sometimes it’s nice to unplug. I’m sure most people can relate to juggling the demands of career and family. With such a packed day, when do we find time to relax? Because we’re constantly on the go in an “always-on” society, I think it’s important to focus on downtime—specifically, low-tech downtime. We’ve become accustomed to the regular bombardment of notifications, emails, texts and news updates, but what we might not be used to is taking some device-free time for ourselves and loved ones.

There’s no shortage of research that points to humanity’s need for low-tech relaxation. Technology can absolutely make work and life easier, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t creeping into our lives beyond our consent. According to a study done by the Braun Research Center and Bank of America, people are more likely to think about their phones when they wake up than about their significant others. And if that’s truly the case, it just might be time to reflect on what’s really important to us.

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