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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is technology’s latest golden child, and industries have wasted no time learning how to harness the capabilities of AI to improve operations, lead generation and customer satisfaction. Organizations everywhere are using this technology to help automate tasks that once ate up a considerable amount of time, leaving employees with more time to focus on strategy. The newest area to leverage this technology is in marketing campaigns to create online “spokespeople” as well as engage with prospects as a virtual sales assistant.

According to Salesforce, 51 percent of marketers currently use AI, and AI applications represent the fastest growing technology sector year-after-year within the industry. AI accounts for machine learning and natural language processing, and both are incredibly important for the future of businesses. Machine learning is the ability for a computer system to progressively improve performance on a specific task without the help of a programmer, and natural language processing includes speech recognition and language understanding.

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