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Touchdown: Why Advertising at Football Games Is a Winning Strategy

Touchdown: Why Advertising at Football Games Is a Winning Strategy

By Digital Air Strike
September 20, 2021
AutoDealer Today

Football is back, and fans are ready to fill college and NFL stadiums across the country. Geofenced ads are the hottest and most cost-effective way to reach them before, during, and after the games all season.

Here’s what you need to know to reach this high-earning audience and align your dealership with the home team:

What is Geofencing Technology?

Geofencing is a location-based marketing strategy that allows companies to advertise to smartphone users within a specific geographic area. Sporting events are ideal, as watching football games is a social activity where everyone is seated watching the game and looking at their phones – checking sports websites, social media, and more. Geofencing at sporting events is also a golden opportunity to align your brand with college and NFL teams and maximize consumer engagement during time-outs, TV delays, before and after the game, plus more.

Geofencing Ads Before, During & After Games

Drive consumers to your physical and virtual showrooms by targeting consumers in three different ways:

  • Real-time geofencing targets consumers where they are present – like a stadium or at nearby restaurants and bars.
  • Geo-cookies allow you to retarget consumers with display and social ads based upon where they have been and continue to advertise to them for up to 90 days, so the impact you made at the game will continue, and you’ll stay top-of-mind.
  • Geo-audience lets you narrow your targeting to those most likely to be most receptive to your brand! The leading age group of NFL and college football fans ranges from 35 to 65 years old. Adults in that category are making more money and willing to spend more on higher-quality products, with 51% of NFL and 53% of college football fans willing to pay more.

The Game Plan

For 85% of NFL fans and 87% of college football fans, Google is their most frequently used search engine. Since we know that your target audience is ready and willing to spend money, strategizing where your ads are placed is the final step in the process. Distribute and showcase ads to the apps and sites most used by your target audience, including the NFL or NCAA app, where they are likely to search for highlights and videos. When the placement of the ads corresponds with the everyday browsing of in-market consumers, your dealership’s ROI will naturally increase.

Digital Air Strike’s geofencing advertising technology and preferred partner status with Facebook and Google give 7,800+ dealerships an unfair online advantage. See how you can score big by requesting a 10-minute demo with Digital Air Strike’s team of experts today at

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