DAS video program seeks to help dealers in response to coronavirus - Digital Air Strike

DAS video program seeks to help dealers in response to coronavirus

DAS video program seeks to help dealers in response to coronavirus

By Auto Remarketing staff

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Alexi Venneri said Digital Air Strike understands how the coronavirus crisis is changing the way consumers want to engage with businesses.

“In response to that, we are helping our dealers and the automotive industry thrive while concurrently assisting to flatten the curve of this outbreak,” said Venneri, who is co-founder and chief executive officer of the company.

Digital Air Strike, a social media, lead response and consumer engagement technology company, on Friday introduced its Video Retailing Program. The company says the program can help dealerships handle more steps in areas such as prospect conversion, the full sales process, and vehicle servicing using video, virtual messaging and AI.The Video Retailing Program aims to help consumers do more of their research, shopping, transactions, and vehicle delivery or servicing by using social distancing techniques powered by Digital Air Strike technology.

Dealerships will receive custom graphics, videos, video conferencing and training to implement services for helping consumers with health concerns while still buying or servicing vehicles.

The company is offering its Video Retailing Program at no charge for the next 30 days to all clients, and Venneri said the company will work to “refine and evolve” the program to “assist with community outreach and reinforce health best practices.”

The program can also help staff members who might need a work-from-home option but who still need to help consumers, Venneri said.

The Digital Air Strike Video Retailing Program uses the company’s Video Logix tool, paired with technology Digital Air Strike has already been providing to its clients. It uses video conferencing through Facebook Portals or iPads.

The company, which was founded in 2010 at the height of the Great Recession, has implemented training, custom videos and graphics, and campaign and in-dealership best practices to create a program that it says immediately lessens social contact. The program provides ideas to support concepts such as solo test drives, custom walk-around videos, and concierge delivery of vehicles for sales and servicing.

Digital Air Strike adopts Facebook’s Portal for business communication and says it has provided thousands of dealerships with the device. The company has developed consumer engagement, social media and reputation management technologies.

The company says technology is an important aspect in how it will help each dealership provide superior services while enabling dealership staff to communicate “face to face” with customers through video remotely, and if consumers choose to take delivery of their vehicle using social distancing with video while inside a dealership, instead of having direct contact with employees.

The company is providing an example of how to use the Video Logix tool, which is part of Digital Air Strike’s Video Retailing Program.

Digital Air Strike is also presenting free webinars on the new product, titled, “Start Video Retailing Today: Survive & Thrive During the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

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