Q&A: Why You Mishandle Your Best Leads - Digital Air Strike

Q&A: Why You Mishandle Your Best Leads

Q&A: Why You Mishandle Your Best Leads

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A mystery-shopping study performed by Digital Air Strike™ finds dealers need more training and tools to properly respond to internet and social media leads.

Last week, Digital Air Strike released the results of a mystery-shopping study involving more than 1,500 U.S. dealerships to which the company’s analysts submitted leads online and via Facebook Messenger. Each “lead” included at least one question requiring a specific answer.

The results were, to put it gently, not encouraging. The majority (84%) of dealerships failed to respond to internet leads within 15 minutes, and some (18%) never did. They fared even worse on leads submitted through Facebook Messenger, for which 64% of tested dealers offered no reply.

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