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Ryan Sawyer of KIA of Puyallup shares selling insights

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KIA Motors America has recently announced that ResponseLogix is a preferred vendor now and available for DAS funding. ResponseLogix VP of Sales Dennis Wichterman was joined by KIA of Puyallup General Manager Ryan Sawyer in a recorded webinar. Ryan had a lot of positive feedback about the SmartQuote®, SmartFollow® and SmartFacts® solutions for his KIA dealership.

SmartQuote® at KIA of Puyallup
Ryan’s team is quick to get on the phone with leads as soon as a SmartQuote® is sent. His reps will typically walk the lead through the SmartQuote® and discuss the multiple photos, videos, new and pre-owned vehicles and move toward getting an appointment. [ See a LIVE KIA SmartQuote® ]

  • SmartQuote® has lots of clickable links for customers to stay engaged with after the quote is delivered.
  • Ryan was especially surprised by the credit applications that were coming in from his SmartQuote®. The day after he included the credit app link in his SmartQuote®, Ryan saw a spike in credit applications. “At that point they’re pretty serious about buying a car.”
  • “Most everything the customers need is typically on that quote. It helps to further the conversation.”
  • He uses click to chat with third party chat provider including Contact at Once! and Active Engage.
  • Send-A-Quote tool allows reps to deliver a quote to any customer whether they are a walk-in, phone-up or chat.
  • Easy Integration: “I was pleased to find out that all the people I dealt with at ResponseLogix probably knew ADP’s CRM better than we did. It was seamless.”

SmartFollow® at KIA of Puyallup
Ryan had delayed using the SmartFollow® solution and said “I’m kicking myself for not having done it sooner now that I’ve seen the results” after he saw reactivations coming in from leads that were as old as 180 days. The SmartFollow® solution is designed to follow up with and re-engage older leads.

  • “We have customers where the original lead came in 120, 180 days ago. It’s been great. It gives the sales person a reason to pick up the phone. We have follow ups that we do our best to stay on top of it… there’s no guarantee that someone is going to be picking up the phone 120 days out. When you have a customer clicking on a link saying “yes, they are still interested” it moves that customer to the forefront.”
  • Seeing 15% reactivations from old leads.


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