Scottsdale Marketing Technology Company Rolls Out AI Texting Service - Digital Air Strike

Scottsdale Marketing Technology Company Rolls Out AI Texting Service

Scottsdale Marketing Technology Company Rolls Out AI Texting Service

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By Corina Vanek, Phoenix Business Journal

As the Covid-19 pandemic has forced small businesses to shift their hours and focus on communication with clients, Scottsdale-based Digital Air Strike is rolling out a text messaging service that allows companies to communicate with their customers that incorporates artificial intelligence.

“We had elements of Power Text built into other channels, but we needed the infrastructure, that’s when the pandemic hit,” Alexi Venneri, cofounder and CEO of Digital Air Strike said. “We had a lot built but we were not planning to launch it now, but now is the time for business owners to try new technology.”

Digital Air Strike was one of more than 30 businesses to join a pledge started by GoDaddy Inc. agreeing not to lay off any workers for at least 90 days due to the pandemic. Along with the agreement, companies involved were asked to look for ways they could help small businesses weather the closures, making way for the release of Power Text.

The Power Text allows companies to send text message announcements to clients who provide their phone numbers to give updates, like changes of hours or specials the company is offering. Businesses, including Digital Air Strike, can also choose to use the texting feature for internal communications, such as alerting employees of an upcoming meeting.

Venneri said the company has been hosting webinars for businesses and clients throughout the pandemic, and when she sends an alert through the Power Text, webinar attendance has almost doubled.

When a customer receives the text message, they can respond to it and an artificial intelligence response automatically engages with the customer, and customers can request to be connected to a person through the service. It can also be connected to a business website’s chat feature, Facebook Messenger and other features like scheduling.

Along with the new texting service, the firm has created webinars and other resources small businesses can use to strategize during the pandemic, including engaging with customers virtually and creating video messages.

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