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Snapchat Is Growing

Snapchat Is Growing

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Snapchat is the fastest growing social media site – – surpassing Twitter in the number of users. In 2016 Snapchat grew by 27.2% to 58.6 million users in the United States. While the site is growing in popularity, it’s also growing in innovation and offerings. Snapchat recently acquired an augmented reality company called Cimagine Media. The AR platform gives consumers the ability “see” products in their intended locations in realistic 3D.

There’s no official word on how Snapchat intends to use this newly acquired technology. Perhaps soon you’ll be able to don your Snapchat Spectacles, shop for furniture and “view” it in your home or stand in your driveway and “see” how that new SUV will fit in your garage. Whatever the application, it’s bound to be innovative.

In the meantime, consider using a custom Snapchat filter to market your business at your location or in any other location. These branded photo filters can help your message be seen and your company get noticed by Snapchat users worldwide.

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