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Are you looking for real ROI from your social media advertising investment?


Tired of dealing with agencies that promise but don’t deliver for you? Social Media Advertising - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Our award-winning social media advertising reaches hundreds of thousands and influences millions of people every day.

We are a full-service social media marketing partner that offers social media advertising services for several industries on the following leading platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn!


Our partnerships with top social media sites, including Facebook, give you the best-performing advertising in the industry.

  • Average 450-500 campaigns launched each month
  • Dedicated Ads team that is trained on every campaign objective on Facebook
  • Several proven built-in audiences, built in-house here at DAS

Our solution allows you to deliver highly-targeted marketing communications to consumers in your market for a fraction of the cost of Google PPC, billboard, print, or TV.

Green Brook Mitsubishi sold 39 cars using Facebook Ads created and managed by Digital Air Strike™!

Digital Air Strike™ helps Samsonite launch its BOYT brand on social media including targeted social ads campaigns.

“This is our 2nd year of partnership with Digital Air Strike™. We enjoy knowing that they are on top of reputation at all times. We recently started using Digital Air Strike™ for Facebook marketing and are very pleased with the results. Great crew!”

EJ Muir
Sales Manager, Keller Motors

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