Social Media in Real Life

Trying to run a business while also managing Facebook, Twitter and all the other social sites plus your online reputation? How can anyone #keepup when social media is always changing? We feel your pain! Watch this video and let us know if you feel the same way — because we can help!

You may post photos and updates to Facebook, but are you checking the sites for comments and reviews? Time to get your poop emoji together!

Things move fast on Twitter. Businesses need to move just as fast to #keepup!

Yelp is every business’ favorite bad guy, but with a little help Yelp can be useful, funny and cool.

Social Ads
Social ads have the best targeting available in advertising today. But your postcard mailer won’t work here – no one on social media wants to see that!

“Digital Air Strike™ has been an awesome asset for our business! The social media management is amazing. They monitor our sites thoroughly which would take us hours of man time to keep up with. Digital Air Strike™ works hard at engaging our customers and making our digital imprint more effective. They provide surveys to our customers, which provide us with excellent feedback that we can use. We receive email notifications of any activity, including reviews and customer comments.”

Tim Turner
Beckley, West Virginia

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