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Get Impactful Streaming Ads with Amazon Data and Digital Air Strike

Streaming ads give businesses a competitive advantage by presenting their message in a less competitive environment with an element that’s constantly being refreshed.

Ride the Wave of Amazon Streaming Ads

  • 46.6 million people are expected to only view content on streaming services and devices by 2024.
  • 70% of US households watch streaming content.
  • The average subscriber has 3 streaming subscription services.
  • Ads have a 97% completion rate and can’t be skipped.

Out-of-This-World Targeting

  • Digital Air Strike helps brands deliver highly targeted streaming video ads leveraging Amazon’s billions of first-party insights including consumer behavior, shopping history, credit score, location and more.
  • Digital Air Strike combines streaming ads with highly targeted display ads across the web to retarget consumers and reinforce your message.

The Streaming Ads Ecosystem

  • Leverage proprietary targeting with streaming and display ads that increases purchase rates by 150%!
  • Get custom curated campaigns including ad creation and production provided by Digital Air Strike’s film crew.

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