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Stream Your Ads & Inventory Across the Biggest Shows & Live Sporting Events

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Partner with Digital Air Strike to advertise to a highly-targeted audience on internet connected devices wherever they’re viewing their favorite movies, television shows and live sports.

Exclusive Ad Targeting with Amazon First-Party Data

  • Digital Air Strike offers highly targeted streaming video ads using Amazon’s first-party data that includes world-class target audience insights, consumer behaviors, and geotargeted locations
  • The power of Digital Air Strike and Amazon video ad geotargeting combine to reach consumers in exact geographic locations

DAS Exclusive for Auto Dealers: Dynamic Inventory Integration

  • Digital Air Strike is the first OTT partner selected by Amazon for Automotive and the only partner offering inventory integration for the Automotive Market
  • Digital Air Strike automatically integrates your current inventory into your video ads
  • Automatically advertise current inventory and pricing with dynamic OTT ads that target car buyers during Live Sports, TV Shows, and movies
Exclusive Retargeting Online

Exclusive Retargeting Online

  • Digital Air Strike retargets in-market consumers that view your video ad on Amazon and Google Display Networks to drive your website traffic
Exclusive Retargeting Online

Get Down with OTT

Reach buyers while streaming, surfing, and scrolling with Digital Air Strike. Download our infographic and see why dealers save money on their ad budgets and increase ROI with OTT advertising.

Custom Ad Creation

  • Digital Air Strike includes exclusive video ad creation, including production, obtaining professional talent, post-production, and securing all streaming rights for your ads
targeted advertising OTT
targeted advertising OTT

Unparalleled Ad Viewership Across a Huge Streaming Audience

  • Streaming video ads play full screen during shows and sporting events including NFL and college football, Mad Men, Parks and Recreation
  • Video ads reach targeted TV viewers and play full screen during shows and sporting events and can’t be skipped delivering a 97% completion rate


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