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Promote Your Business with Smart Conquest Campaigns

Engage and Conquest new consumers through hyper-targeted emails and social media retargeting campaigns.

“We had amazing results from Digital Air Strike’s Smart Conquest campaigns! We reached over 2,400 new consumers outside of our local Chicago market, sold more than a dozen vehicles and bought 4 vehicles from consumers who were in the market to sell, not buy, in the process. Customers were still clicking on the email a week after it was sent. Thanks to Digital Air Strike for getting buyers and sellers into our dealership!”

– Bettenhausen CDJR

74% of Companies use more than six marketing channels to reach consumers.

Smart Conquest Campaigns deliver your message to new consumers outside of your CRM and DMS

The Digital Air Strike Team uses the most comprehensive database in the marketplace today that contains close to 750 available targeting options and over 140 million emails with matching postal records. We aggregate data through survey and sweepstakes sites, and 3rd party data sources. Our database is brand safe because it is 100% opt-in data. We also ingest 5+ million pieces of fresh data per month. With this huge database our team builds your Smart Conquest Campaigns to conquest new consumers outside of your DMS and CRM.

Email Marketing Campaigns

DAS then works with your Team to plan out an evergreen campaign strategy with various offers, targeting, creative, and subject lines for every month. DAS engages with a list of new consumers via hyper targeted email marketing campaigns. Drive awareness for seasonal events, trade-ins, service, and even OEM specific promotions.

Google Marketing

Social Media Retargeting Campaigns

To keep your business top of mind, our team re-engages with those same consumers via retargeting ads across Facebook and Instagram to reinforce your message to help drive sales.

Track Results & Sales

With our real-time reporting, you can easily track the results from your Email Marketing and Social Media retargeting campaigns. Monitor your ads performance and analyze specific metrics, containing consumers your advertising has reached, people who have clicked on your ads, email open rates, and individuals who have completed a conversion goal. For auto dealers, match-back reporting is also included every 90 days to properly attribute your car sales to your Smart Conquest Campaigns.

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