Live Chat for Businesses - AI Live Chat implementation for websites

Use AI Chat to Keep Your Dealership Open 24/7

Turn your website into a lead generation powerhouse with AI assitants that offer support to your customers every day, all day.

DAS helped us customize our chatbot which has really set us apart from our competitors and enabled us to sell more cars, even during a time when selling cars is not easy.

– Security Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

Chatbots play a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing lead conversion rates, and optimizing your overall business operations.

Response Path - Chat Bubble

Keep Your Dealership Open 24/7

Provide a concierge experience while asking and answering qualifying questions, sharing positive reviews, scheduling appointments, and much more.

Artificial Intelligence Sales Assistant

Engage Your Customers with AI Assistants

Send important sales and service information with ease using AI assistants. Answer questions, capture leads, and schedule appointments. Text your customers from any device to keep the conversation going.
Artificial Intelligence Sales Assistant
Response Path - Messaging Command Center

Get Notified & Join Any Conversation

Route leads to the right person on your team for fast follow-up. Manage all conversations from all channels in a single messaging command center and jump into any conversation from any device.

Take the mystery out of your lead response.

Curious how your chatbot performs under pressure? Let our team of digital experts take it for a test drive and find out.

Deliver Quotes & Alternative Recommendations

Send quick, customizable, and professional multi-vehicle price quotes to leads captured through your site’s chatbot. Microsites offer alternative vehicle suggestions, spotlighting inventory for rapid sale, and enable car buyers to calculate their trade-in value via Kelley Blue Book.

Response Path - Engagement Targeting

Leverage Website Activity with Intelligent Chat

Engage visitors at the right time based on their activity on your site. Match new prospects with appropriate sales messaging and continue the sales process with returning visitors through personalized messages.

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