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Response Logix®: Dominate Your Lead Response & Re-Engagement

Turn every shopper into a buyer with instant and continuous offers and communications that close deals.

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Response Logix® has skyrocketed our traffic, boosted retention, and most importantly, reduced stress. It’s the ultimate support for your team. Response Logix® amplifies your process without replacing it!

– Al Piemonte Auto Group

Digital Air Strike’s patented Response Logix® ensures lightning-fast, professional responses to all your leads, pushing shoppers further down the funnel with multiple vehicle options and irresistible calls to action.

Proactively Engage Prospects with Tailored Offers

Response Logix® delivers personalized offers in minutes, 24/7, tailored to your preferences. Showcase the customer’s vehicle of interest and present alternative options, available in your dealership or across your group.

Transform Your Marketing Blindspots into SALES

SmartSpot identifies website visitors who don’t submit a lead and delivers personalized offers and follow-up communications directly to their inbox. Combining SmartSpot with Response Logix® is a no-brainer

Response Logix Smart Follow®

Reignite over 20% of your cold leads by automating follow-up processes. Response Logix Smart Follow® sends personalized follow-up communications to car buyers for up to 180 days, letting your sales team focus on the hottest leads. Customize messages and schedules, and receive real-time alerts when shoppers open Smart Follow emails.

Consistent Lead Response that Never Sleeps

Up to 40% of leads arrive after hours. Respond 24/7 with multi-vehicle price quotes, driving customers directly to your VDP!

Discover the Top 5 Insights from Over 1,800 Dealership Mystery Shops!

Learn how your competitors respond to leads, understand consumer expectations, and discover strategies to increase sales through superior lead responses.


Offer New & Used Options

Did you know 42% of customers who inquire about a new vehicle end up buying a used one? Response Logix® connects to your dealership’s inventory to offer new, used, and similarly priced options across different trim levels, helping shoppers find the perfect car within their budget.

Seamless CRM Integration

Response Logix® integrates seamlessly with your dealership CRM, ensuring error-free, real-time responses that make impactful first impressions.


Real-Time Quote Open Notifications

Your sales team receives real-time notifications whenever a customer opens a Smart Quote® or Smart Follow®, enabling immediate follow-up to close the sale.


Real-Time Quote Review

Answer customer questions before sending a quote and further personalize responses with names, photos, and contact information.


Customized to Your Dealership

Showcase your dealership’s unique selling points and encourage customers to take the next step by featuring your promotions, star ratings, positive reviews, and more.

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