Automotive Lead Response Software - Custom Automated Emails

Improve Your Dealership’s Lead Response Time with Response Logix

Slow lead response times could be a thing of the past with patented technology. Upgrade your team’s internet lead response time and ramp up your close rates with automated lead follow-up for up to 180 days.

I can’t run a profitable dealership without Response Logix! It has boosted traffic, increased retention and, most importantly, decreased stress. Response Logix is the perfect complement to any employee.

– Al Piemonte Buick GMC


Without a strong strategy in place, effective internet lead follow-up is a challenge for any team. Send your leads optimized responses and deliver a tailored customer experience that features your promotions and sells more cars with less manual follow up.

Automate & Streamline Your Follow-Up Process

Deliver a tailored customer experience to each lead. Build out automated personalized follow-up that continue to nurture customers in the research phase, allowing your team to focus on the hottest leads.

Send Targeted Offers to Every Potential Customer

Motivate your shoppers to take the next step with special offers. Send customized landing pages that feature their vehicle of interest with pricing, payment options, images, trade-in values, and other related vehicles in your inventory.

Does your team follow up with leads as they should?

Understand all the ways you can leverage technology at your dealership to harness the power of lead response and accelerate your profits. Watch this free webinar on-demand and get quick tips for improvement you can implement today.

Turn Your Prospects Into Buyers

Get Seamless CRM & Partner Integration

Assign leads to your team per your CRM rules and send alerts when your customers are ready to take the next step for immediate follow-up. Response Logix® technology integrates with all leading dealership CRMs.

Turn Your Prospects Into Buyers
Reactive Leads That You Thought Were Out of Market

Nurture Leads Up to 180 Days

Reactivate more than 20% of your cold leads by putting your lead response on autopilot. Track buyer intent signals for up to 180 days after original lead submission and receive real-time alerts of activity.

Night Watch

Give Customers the Information They Want, When They Want It

Engage the 40% of internet leads that come in after hours when car buyers are shopping. Provide around-the-clock service with vehicle details delivered to your customers’ inboxes when they ask for it.

Night Watch


Offer Both New & Used Options

Capture more leads by showcasing both new and used vehicles. Our system highlights a mix of options, helping shoppers find exactly what they want quickly and easily.


Instant Quote Open Alerts

Get real-time notifications when customers open quotes. This allows your sales team to follow up immediately, increasing the chances of closing the sale faster.


Custom Solutions for Your Dealership

Tailor your follow-up strategies to fit your dealership’s needs. Highlight promotions, events, and positive reviews to encourage customers to take the next step.

Seamless CRM Integration

Integrate with your existing CRM tools effortlessly. Our system syncs with all leading dealership CRMs, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for your team.


Real-Time Quote Review

Provide personalized responses by reviewing quotes in real-time. Add a personal touch with names, photos, and detailed contact information for better engagement.

Dealertrack & PaymentDriver Integration

Include lease offers, payment options, and trade-in values instantly. Our integration with Dealertrack® and PaymentDriver® ensures accurate and timely information.

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