CDXP - Digital Air Strike

No Lead Left Behind!
Activate Your CRM/DMS Data to Drive Immediate Revenue with CDXP

No more lost or hidden leads. CDXP Complete finds and converts consumers through identity resolution and targeted messaging.


We can’t believe the results we are getting from DAS CDXP! We received 51 new leads and recaptured 48 service defectors. The results are incredible.

– Arrow Ford


CDXP Complete ensures precise targeting of dealership data, guaranteeing that each message reaches its intended audience.

Enhance engagement with third-party leads by offering timely personalized responses.

Ensures that new leads are consistently followed up on for 90 days and adjusts to changing prospect interests with inventory-based follow-ups. Dealers have seen a significant 73% increase in lead conversion rates and a 27% reduction in the time taken to close deals when leveraging dynamic, personalized messages.

Sales Accelerator

Actively re-engage aging or previously unsold leads with targeted messaging that reintroduces them to the buying process.

Rejuvenate sales prospects by leveraging older leads within your DMS/CRM. As contracts or leases approach their end, it provides communication avenues to re-enter the market and enhance resale retention. Well-qualified sales opportunities are 10x more likely to purchase a new vehicle.

Sales Accelerator
Retention Accelerator<br />

Loyal customers spend 67% more on products and services than new customers.

Targeted communications about vehicle features and technology will increase enthusiasm and aims to shift customer loyalty from the original manufacturer to your dealership brand & more so, positions your dealership as the reliable partner for vehicle care and safety.


Service Accelerator<br />

Maximize service revenue and improve customer retention continuously year 2 and beyond!

Improve the customers experience with relevant service content that matches customer searches, attracting them to your website for booking. By targeting customers who declined a service, and prompting them to reschedule considering their time, budget, and special offers, the platform aims to recover that potential revenue.

Service Accelerator<br />
Equity Accelerator<br />

Proactively identify and target owners in equity + leverages your service drive.

Equity mining and dynamic messaging guides in-equity customers to buy, sell/trade, or service at your store. The platform identifies customers facing potential mileage overage penalties, customers in an equity position before they visit your service drive – all generating more sales!

CDXP Complete improves the customer’s experience with the dealership brand and recaptures lost opportunities and service revenue through personalized customer outreach.

Personalized 360° consumer communications messaging plan

dynamically generated for every step of the consumer lifecycle ensures the right message goes to the right consumer at the right time to maximize ROI.

Blue Sky Dashboards report on analytics 24/7

we never stop working and our digital performance team monitors to ensure optimal performance and identifies additional untapped opportunities.

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