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Capture Leads, Provide 24/7 Customer Service, Promote Your Trade-in Offers, Open Positions & 5-star Reviews with Response Path AI-Powered Smart Assistants. Plus, Send Updates to Your Customers’ Mobile Devices Quickly & Effectively with Power Text.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward with Customers Without Lifting a Finger

Keep your business open 24/7. With Digital Air Strike’s Response Path you can engage customer and share your positive reviews, hours and location right in the messaging window. Visitors can ask and answer qualifying questions, schedule appointments, and sort through your inventory before speaking to your dealership staff.
Response Path - Chat Bubble
Artificial Intelligence Sales Assistant

Your Dealership’s Automated Sales Assistant

Response Path begins sales and service conversations, quickly routes qualified leads to the right team members and integrates with your CRM for quick and organized follow up. Messaging within Response Path is optimized based on visitors’ previous behaviors.

Artificial Intelligence Service Assistant

Your Service Team’s Automated Assistant

Invite unique service questions on your website, Facebook page, and via text message. Send prospects to your service scheduler. Notify the right person on your team via text and email to begin follow-up immediately.

Receive and Send Text Messages

Open a quick and convenient new channel of communication for both you and your customers. Customers can text your dealership at any time using up to three unique phone numbers. Add these to chosen marketing channels including your website, online ad campaigns, and printed materials. Your AI Assistant engages each inbound text and you can even initiate texts to prospects and customers from any device.

Response Path - Lead Routing

Your Shared Messaging Command Center

Team members can quickly jump into automated conversations and respond to hot opportunities from any device through your Response Path centralized inbox.

Response Path - Facebook Messenger

Never Miss a Lead from Facebook

Facebook Smart Assistants engage with consumers and capture leads 24/7 from your Page and respond to customers via Messenger that are interested in vehicles you’re selling on Marketplace. Automatically funnel qualified customers directly into your CRM from Facebook Messenger so you never miss an opportunity to sell.

Promote Specific Inventory You Want to Move

Highlight vehicles you need to sell quickly and add automated promotion paths highlighting “hot deals” or “aged vehicles” based on specified inventory filters. Your team can manage the conversations and drag and drop specific inventory into chat to boost lead conversions.

Optimize Your Response Path Features

Our experienced chat team will strategize with your team and optimize your A.I. Assistant up to 12 times per year, by request, with a quarterly strategy call.

Response Path - Engagement Targeting

Dealer Digital Solution Response Path Packages


Defend your dealership with Response Path, including all 24/7 website assistants, inventory integration, engagement targeting, CRM integration, intelligent lead routing and more.


Defend your dealership and Conquer the competition with everything in the Defend Package PLUS expanded lead routing, conversation igniter, text messaging assistant, Facebook page assistant, inventory mover, and more!

Take a 10-minute demo and see how Response Path will help your dealership sell and service more, 24/7.