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Response Logix® AI Lead
Response Software

Convert shoppers into buyers with immediate & ongoing offers and communication.

I can’t run a profitable dealership without Response Logix! It has boosted traffic, increased retention and, most importantly, decreased stress. Response Logix is the perfect complement to any employee.

– Al Piemonte Buick GMC


Digital Air Strike’s patented lead response software, Response Logix®, optimizes responses to all of your leads, increases the visibility of your dealership’s promotions and delivers customer experiences that sell more cars.

Proactively Send Offers to Prospects
Proactively Send Offers to Prospects

Proactively Send Offers to Prospects

Response Logix® platform delivers personalized offers in minutes, 24/7 based on your preferred configurations. Your offers showcase the customer’s vehicle of interest, along with alternative vehicle options available in your dealership or across your group.

Through a unique landing page for each of your prospects, the technology presents vehicles, payments, price, vehicle images as well as your branding and positioning.

Turn Your Prospects Into Buyers

Turn Your Prospects Into Buyers

Offers encourage shoppers to take the next step: value their trade-in with Kelley Blue Book, schedule a test drive, get financing information. Response Logix® integrates with all leading dealership CRMs, follows your lead assignment rules and sends alerts to your assigned dealership personnel for immediate follow-up when needed.

Turn Your Prospects Into Buyers
Reactive Leads That You Thought Were Out of Market
Reactive Leads That You Thought Were Out of Market

Response Logix Smart Follow®

Reactivate more than 20% of your cold leads by putting follow-up on autopilot. Response Logix Smart Follow® cloud software automatically sends personalized follow-up communication to car buyers for up to 180 days, freeing up your sales team to focus on the hottest leads first. Customize the message and scheduling and get real-time alerts when shoppers open the Smart Follow email.

Night Watch

Consistent Lead Response that Never Sleeps

Up to 40% of leads come in after hours when car buyers are shopping after work. Respond around the clock with multi-vehicle price quotes and custom microsites that beat generic auto-responders.

Night Watch

Get the Top 5 Insights from 1,800+ Dealership Mystery Shops!

Get the results of our breakthrough study to learn how your competition responds to leads, what consumers expect, and ways to sell more with better lead response.


Offer New & Used Options

42% of customers who inquire about a new vehicle, buy a used one. Response Logix® connects to your dealership’s inventory to provide new, used, and similarly priced options with different trim levels to help shoppers find the car they can afford. 

Seamless CRM Integration

Response Logix® integrates directly with your dealership CRM tool to ensure error-free, real-time responses that help make a first impression that sells.


Real-Time Quote Open Notifications

Your sales team gets real-time notifications whenever a customer opens a Smart Quote® or Smart Follow® allowing for immediate follow up to help close the sale


Real-Time Quote Review

Answer customer questions before a quote is sent and personalize the response even further with name, photo, and contact information.  


Customized to Your Dealership

Highlight your dealership’s “Why Buys” and encourage customers to take the next step by including your promotions, star ratings, positive reviews, and more.

Dealertrack® PaymentDriver™

The Response Logix’s® integration with PaymentDriver provides your customers with the latest incentives, payment options, rebates, trade-in values, and more. 

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