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Fix Your Lead Follow Up with More than a BDC

Successful dealerships treat every inbound lead like a priority from beginning to end. Never let another lead slip through the cracks with our BDC solution.

“We love Sales Boost. We’ve been with Digital Air Strike for years and love this new solution and partnership. It’s going great! My Client Advocate is very responsive and easy to work with. We’re selling more cars than ever with the help of Digital Air Strike’s technology and team.”

– KIMBERLY EAKIN, General Manager
Dennis Eakin Kia

Sales floor staff shortages and inconsistent lead management can pose significant challenges to your dealership’s bottom line. Boost your sales team’s reach with quick customer service support and consistent lead follow up – all backed by cutting-edge technology – and increase your dealership’s bottom line today.

Get a Team to Drive a Better Customer Experience

Support your sales force and treat every lead as a priority with a highly-trained team backed by award-winning technology poised to deliver the best customer experience.

Outbound Calling to Targeted Lists

Complete Outbound Calls to Your Targeted Lists

Our expert team, knowledgeable in your dealership’s processes, calls interested buyers on your behalf and ensures a seamless customer experience that reduces the burden on your sales staff.

Emails Sent on Dealership’s Behalf

Send Customized Emails on Behalf of Your Dealership

Our team boosts customer engagement and loyalty. Your customers will receive customized emails that include personalized offers, Kelley Blue Book trade-in values, and online credit prequalification – all integrated directly to your current CRM.
Virtual Retailing Experience

Provide a Consistent Virtual Experience for Customers

Customers receive quick and consistent sevice from a team ready-trained in our technology, reducing in-house sales training needs and allowing your team to close more deals and sell more cars faster than ever.

Leverage Tech to Drive Better Lead Response

Our pre-trained team leverages proprietary technology to efficiently follow up with your customers to enhance customer experience and customer loyalty.

Lead Response & Follow-up Technology

Automate Your Lead Response & Follow-up for up to 180 Days

We use patented technology to proactively sending offers, incentives, and alternative vehicle options to potential car buyers to drive efficient inventory management. Through this ongoing outreach, more leads are reactivated over time.
Messaging Technology

AI-powered Chatbot Technology

Our intelligent follow-up system uses text, website chat, and Facebook Messenger to respond to and engage with consumers 24/7. Providing round-the-clock customer service that ensures your customers always feel valued and attended to.
Video engagement

Video Engagement & Managed Lead Response

Let our team tackle the challenge of maintaining your customer’s interest and loyalty by creating and sending custom engaging videos that promote your dealership’s vehicles, special offers, and more to enhance customer interaction and encourage repeat business.

Take your lead response for a test drive.

Get a free custom analysis of your dealership’s lead response to inquiries made on your website. Find out how your staff responds to your vehicle inquiries and get quick tips for improvement.

Connect with a member of our team today to enhance your lead management and follow up.