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Drive More Qualified Leads & Drive More Sales with Digital Advertising

Boost your sales and enhance the customer experience by delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

Target the Right Audience with the Right Message

Deliver highly-targeted digital advertising campaigns to in-market consumers for a fraction of the cost of billboard, print, radio, and TV with Digital Air Strike’s Power Display.

Our award-winning team of digital and social media advertising specialists uses proprietary targeting to create powerful ROI-driven digital ad campaigns that produce results. Increase your internet marketing campaigns’ effectiveness by targeting customers based on web-browsing behavior, geographic location, demographics, and interests.

Generate New Leads & Sell More

Advertise online across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and dozens of other sites to capture new leads, promote your services, and sell your products. Integrate your ads to send lead information directly to your CRM for immediate follow-up while our dedicated team creates, posts, monitors, and manages your ad campaigns.

For auto dealerships, Digital Air Strike’s Power Lead Driver includes over 40 premium automotive sites across the web, reaching 80+ million auto intenders every month. Dealership inventory is distributed in real-time and optimized within our network to drive deep-in-the-funnel consumers to your showrooms and increase sales.

Amazon OTT
Amazon OTT

Stream Your Ads to a Highly-targeted Audience with Amazon OTT

Using Amazon’s first-party data, world-class audience insights, and your CRM data, Digital Air Strike streams your video ads to a highly-targeted audience, retargets viewers across the internet, and all with video ads that your audience can’t skip, delivering a 97% ad completion rate.

Send Double Opt-in Vehicle Shoppers Directly to Your VDPs

For auto dealers, Digital Air Strike’s VDP Power Social delivers double opt-in Facebook users to your dealership VDPs and you pay only for the traffic we deliver. We target in-market car buyers and systematically promote your vehicles with customized Facebook carousel ads. You receive, high-impact, high-ROI campaigns that sell cars.

Track Results & Sales

With our real-time reporting, you can easily track the results from your search, social media, and display campaigns in one report. Quickly see how your ads are performing and analyze specific metrics, including consumers your advertising has reached, people who have clicked on your ads, and individuals who have completed a conversion goal. Get offline conversion reporting to match ad clicks to actual purchases to show measurable ROI and achieve your goals.


Digital Air Strike has done a great job building a product that in the OTT ecosystem will have continued value. The ads give businesses a lot of opportunity to present an ad in a less competitive environment with an element that’s always being refreshed. Another compelling thing is how well Amazon is cooking up this data for targeting and placement of our ads.

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