Summer Social Strategy Guide – Part I

Summer Social Strategy Guide – Part I

If your business wants to maximize the potential of advertising on social media, having a Facebook Ads Guide is paramount to success. Along with this guide, Digital Air Strike is here to provide a great Facebook advertising strategy to help your business take off on the rich platform of social media.

Keep Ads Fresh 

Keeping ads current and relevant is the first tip in our Facebook Ads Guide. Remember that social advertising is advertising. Ads whether they are commercial, print or social media become outdated, so make sure to update them on your social media pages! Digital Air Strike knows how to take an outdated and fatigued ad and transform it into a lead generating money maker.

Always remember that variation is key and work to implement this practice into your Facebook advertising strategy because customers want to see something new. Creativity is encouraged over monotony.

Using New Ad Types

Did you know about 97% of ads will get clicked on via a mobile device? Cue the next tool in our Facebook Ads Guide: the Facebook Mobile Lead Generator. This generator creates a seamless user experience. A customer’s information is automatically inserted when they click on the ad from their profile. This ease of access creates a stronger lead for your business. The generator also ensures a mobile-friendly experience. Here at Digital Air Strike, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest formats and changes to ensure your business generates strong and profitable leads.

Proper Use of Online Video Ads

Did you know retention for commercials is not as good as online video ads? While it may be tempting to share YouTube videos directly onto your Facebook page, don’t do it. The share transfers over as choppy and unprofessional. Instead, opt for the Facebook advertising strategy of Native videos as they auto-play, have a cleaner appearance and generate more clicks from customers.

Check for Comments on Ads

An ad campaign is virtually useless without follow-up. This goes back to replying to inquiries. The power of ads is only as strong as the consistency of response to these inquiries. With dark posts this is particularly important because these do not appear on your timeline but can still result in impressive sales for your business. Make it a part of your Facebook advertising strategy to diligently check comments for leads.

Tracking Ads Properly

Tracking ads will help you determine which campaigns are working and which ones are not. This can be accomplished with Facebook conversion pixels which track website leads in your Facebook ads manager and can build custom website audiences creating a targeted advertising atmosphere to better reach customers. Google analytics is another useful tool as it ensures the proper tags are in place for your business. Digital Air Strike understands the ins and outs of these programs and can maximize the ads tracking potential of your business.

Digital Air Strike manages social ad campaigns for thousands of businesses and has the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. Ready to embark on great social media success with us? Please click here to sign up today!

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