Pre-Game Super Bowl Ad Views Have Almost Doubled since This Time Last Year - Digital Air Strike

Pre-Game Super Bowl Ad Views Have Almost Doubled since This Time Last Year

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Consumers continue to turn to online platforms to view their favorite advertisements, and for advertisers, not unlike the NFL players themselves, the Super Bowl is still the world’s biggest stage.

Companies spend millions of dollars hoping to leave a lasting impression with the over 100 million viewers that tune in on Super Bowl Sunday.

Previously, the water-cooler-buzz generated by these ads would die there, around the office water-cooler. Nowadays, Super Bowl ad buzz lives in a much more public and permanent world, as consumers post, share, respond, blog, and view videos related to their favorite Super Bowl advertisements. Because of this, advertisers have decided to capitalize upon this captive Super Bowl audience long before the game’s first kick-off with pre-game Super Bowl teasers.

Pre-game Super Bowl teasers continue to grow in popularity as YouTube views have almost doubled over this time last year. Make sure that your dealership is capitalizing off your brand’s Super Bowl investment and is driving these online commercial junkies to your company’s website using cleaver interactive posts, blogs and social media advertising, such as Facebook or Twitter ads.

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  (Google+: Google Automotive, 1/30/14)

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