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Take Control of Your Dealership’s Online Reputation

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Picture this: A consumer is researching local dealerships on Google and Yelp. Your store has a negative review. The next-closest store is 10 miles down the road but has multiple positive ratings.

Where will that shopper go? A study* of more than 1,600 car buyers and 600 dealerships found that 70% of car buyers say online dealerships reviews influence where they shop. And many of those buyers are willing to drive long distances to connect with dealers with positive reviews.

How should you respond?

You could maintain the status quo, and risk losing more lead traffic than you’ll ever know.  Or you can find ways to manage your reviews, get more positive feedback and enhance your online reputation.  Alexi Venneri, CMO of social media at Digital Air Strike™, will show you how.

Attend the AutomotiveNews.com webinar on January 24th at 2pm (EST)/11am (PST) to learn the latest insights and best practices. It’s clear that your dealership’s online reputation is a key to driving sales and loyalty, start making the most of it! Sign up now!

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