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The Next Big Trend in Digital Marketing

The Next Big Trend in Digital Marketing

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By Alexi Venneri – Contributing Writer
Sep 26, 2018

Technology is changing how we interact with each other and how businesses reach their customers. It can be a challenge keeping up with the best strategies and tools to target audiences and increase ROI, so I always keep my ear to the ground to listen for what innovations are shaping the future.

One of the biggest trends in digital marketing today is artificial intelligence (AI). Consumers are online 24/7, and most companies don’t have enough resources to interact with their audiences and leads—especially when online prospects expect information immediately at any time of day or night. With high expectations of business response times and limited resources, I’ve found the best solution is AI-powered intelligent messaging.

AI-powered intelligent messaging acts as an automated lead response platform. It can respond to online users in seconds, giving them immediate information they crave. Customers can interact with the automated service to receive answers to their pertinent questions and move along the sales funnel. The level of sophistication available in some of today’s top intelligent messaging platforms can solve 80 percent of customer queries, according to an Accenture study.  Our technology, Response Path, engages online, on Messenger, and via text message and allows consumers to interact with a live person as well.

While companies are using AI to communicate with their customers in new ways, consumers are ok with this. According to our 7th Annual Social Media Trends Study of 4,000 consumers, 70% of people ages 18 to 44 have used AI-powered messaging tools to contact a business and 87% classified the experience as positive. 82% are willing to use messaging tools to get information about a business and 88% would book appointments through the technology. These early-stage interactions can easily be handled by A.I. powered bots and deliver information to your customer 24/7.

The type of solution solves pain points for both the customer and the business. Businesses can capture and qualify leads, search inventory, schedule appointments and, if necessary, route leads to appropriate team members. Customers get their questions answered at times that are convenient for them, and customer reps are now free to focus on in-person inquiries. The same Accenture study stated that AI technologies are projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40 percent.

Another significant development for AI-powered intelligent messaging is the solution’s ability to conduct conversations with a user and truly understand the nature of their inquiries. As opposed to cold and stoic generic messages that tend to frustrate customers, intelligent messaging can be fluid and less limited in responses. Many companies exercise brand voices online and the solution can be an extension of the voice, giving businesses the ability to communicate with customers with some personality. Merely placing the right chat feature on a business’ website can increase lead conversions dramatically.

Businesses in Arizona are picking up on the trend, using AI-powered intelligent messaging for these exact reasons. Winslow Ford and Arizona Dodge use it to communicate with customers on their website, on Facebook Messenger, and with those who text the dealership and directing the customer to a team member when needed.

AI enhances the customer experience and makes businesses more efficient. Technology trends come and go, but some are more disruptive than others. This one is destined to change the industry forever.

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