Twitter is Getting into the Reviews Game in Their Own Twittery way!

Twitter is getting into the reviews game in their own Twittery way!

Twitter is getting into the reviews game in their own Twittery way!

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We’ve all seen it happen. Someone Tweets at a business telling them they suck and then it spirals into a flurry of angry tweets from other dissatisfied customers. Oftentimes, the poor business doesn’t even know this is all going down on the Twittersphere and within a day, they have lost a group of customers – potentially for life – and are none the wiser.   Other times, the business may jump in and make the situation even worse with a defensive or attacking response. You may have even done that yourself! (Of course, if you have DAS managing your Twitter, you don’t have this problem…but many do!)

Twitter has come to the realization that if businesses get upset at the seemingly wild wild west that can be Twitter, they may not bring their ever-so-needed advertising dollars to the platform.

To help businesses better address their customers’ complaints and customer service issues in a private and timely manner, Twitter is rolling out two tools: one-click private messages and customer feedback.

One-Click Private Messages – what does this mean and why do you care?

  • Right now, when an upset customer tweets out their frustration – any handling between you and that customer is a public back/forth and is a pain. You can do a private message, but the process is cumbersome.
  • With the one-click private message feature – right in your public reply to the customer (see article Twitter Will Soon Become Easier to Use) – you can include a link that will allow the customer to direct private message you right from your response so they can easily respond with either more detail, private information, etc.
    • Example: customer tweets about their frustration with the financing process for your business, you tweet back and ask them to provide more detail and the link allows them to reply with that detail without leaving their medium of choice. Now, you can of course, still include a phone number if they’d prefer to call, but many prefer to stick to their beloved Tweet-life.


Customer Feedback – here’s where it gets good – Twitter is getting’ into the reviews business…you heard us….REVIEWS – real ones – on Twitter….

  • Ok, ok, they may not function how reviews work on other platforms…YET….but the ground work is being laid!
  • The Twitter Customer Feedback solution includes:
    • Surveys THROUGH Twitter to gather NPS and Customer Satisfaction scores
    • Right now, the test businesses who have access to this feature initiate the survey tweet to the customers – it’s not clear if the customers’ responses are private or public, but based on the first feature we reviewed, we’re guessing private. (We’ll obviously keep you updated on this as we get access)
  • What could this mean to you? Well, of course, it’s a great way to get additional input from people who are already interacting with your business on Twitter. And if Twitter makes the decision (as others have) to expose the data or to take the survey tweet process into their own hands and automatically do it for any users engaging with businesses on their platform, you may just see a cute little rating showing up next to your handle on Twitter.

Don’t fret on either of these… if Twitter goes full-tilt and launches their own version of review platform, the team at DAS has your back! This is what we do….all day….every day! So for us, it’s one more great place to get feedback for our clients and a great way to continue to engage and interact with your customers who are on the Twitter platform. Remember – most of your customers are happy – so managed correctly, these new features will be your business’s best friends when it comes to working with the very avid Twitter user-base.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of these new features – stay tuned!

Example of both features in one interaction….

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