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Twitter Launches Livestream App

Twitter Launches Livestream App

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Lights, Camera, Stream!

Twitter is launching a live video app that will take its video feeds from your mobile device or computer screen to your television set at home. The apps for Apple TV, Xbox One, and Amazon Fire TV allow users to view big events, including sports, on TV.

On Apple TV, the live video stream will also include a side-by-side feed of viewers’ tweets. Co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, says, “it’s not just about showing a live event, it’s also hosting a conversation”.

For businesses this validates the importance of having a presence on top social channels like Twitter, since sites continue to expand their offerings. Twitter’s new addition could allow your business to jump into the conversation and get some “TV time” without breaking the budget.

The new feature is one more reason to have a presence on all the social channels and to work with a partner like Digital Air Strike™ to make sure your sites are active and engaging and your business stays on top of all the ever-changing features.

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