140 Characters of True Tweets - Twitter Not Counting Media & Usernames in Character Limit

140 Characters of True Tweets

140 Characters of True Tweets

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Twitter has confirmed that it will not count pictures and videos and @usernames (in replies) toward its 140 character limit.

Why should you care?
Twitter noticed that users were finding creative ways to defy the140 character limit, by using text in images or writing multiple tweets. Twitter wanted to allow users some flexibility, but also stay true to its identity as a short message platform.
Twitter’s decision to extend character limit by ignoring media and @usernames in replying to tweets will allow users more freedom to express their thoughts. For businesses, it means more ways to use hashtags and coupon offer images without compromising the content of the post. The change will also allow businesses more room to tell their story or pitch their products and services with both text and media.

How DAS can help?
DAS is always looking for more ways to share your business message and story to consumers. With this new update, we will now have the ability to include more information about your business along with pictures, videos, and coupon offers!

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