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Twitter Vine – Next Big Thing or Just a Shiny New Object?

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You may have been hearing about “Vine”, Twitter’s powerful new smartphone app that enables users to make short (6 second) videos. Vine is part of Twitter’s ongoing efforts to remain competitive with the more image-centric Instagram and Facebook, and shortly after Vine launched Facebook blocked access to it’s API, preventing Vine users from accessing Facebook contacts in order to locate friends using Vine. You would think Twitter would have known better than to even attempt to access the user base of one of it’s bigger competitors.

Vine is something that you pretty much have to see to understand.

Will the Internet go crazy for Vine? Will it have staying power, or will it fade away when the novelty wears off? Actually, there’s a chance that Vine will not be around long enough to see, because like many photo and video sharing apps, it seems to be attracting, well, amateur social media pornographers, a phenomenon now known as “micro-porn”. The apps Viddy and 500px were both pulled from Apple’s App Store in 2012, so if you want to try Vine for yourself, you might not want to wait around. Find it in the app store here.

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