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Twitter Will Soon Become Easier to Use

Twitter Will Soon Become Easier to Use

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You’d think a social site that limits posts to just 140 characters would live and breathe by the saying “keep it simple stupid”. But anyone and any business that’s ever tried to engage in a conversation with several people on Twitter will tell you something different.

Because of that Twitter recently announced it will be making improvements to address these issues that will focus on the @name and @mention replies.

Right now in Twitter conversations, the character limit is taken up by multiple user handles and as more people join the conversation, their handles take up even more space further limiting any room to add a relevant response.

Additionally, in order for all of your followers to see a reply to a user or multiple users, they must follow all involved in the conversation. If a user wants all of their followers to view the reply, they have to know to not reply with someone’s @name or it will only go to that person and not the rest of their followers.

Confusing right? This is exactly why Twitter will be reevaluating its core functions.

Only Digital Air Strike™ enhances your Twitter presence by engaging with your local community in the right way at the right time. As the changes become official Digital Air Strike will be the first to inform you, and will ensure your Twitter account is managed in the right way.

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