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Twitter’s New Timeline Rewards Popular Tweets

Twitter’s New Timeline Rewards Popular Tweets

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What is it?

You and your customers may start seeing new content in your Twitter feeds. Instead of your followers only seeing your tweets in chronological order – and missing many of them – – Twitter has launched a new system that will let users opt-in to view the “best” content first – from any and all Twitter users.

Why we should care?

The change is another reason it’s important to be active on the site and post engaging content that includes “local” tweets and online relevancy. This is something Digital Air Strike™ does for thousands of businesses every day and this change to Twitter is something we think will benefit our clients.

Here’s why you should care: Twitter will “learn” from its users what’s “interesting and relevant” and will reward high-quality content by placing it in the feeds of your followers and even of those who aren’t following your business – hours after you’ve posted it. Twitter determines the “best” content based on accounts that users interact with the most as well as tweets that are retweeted and/or favorited a lot. This gives businesses the opportunity to raise brand awareness and gain new followers.

Another benefit: when people log into Twitter’s app or site they will see tweets that have been determined to be most relevant to them.

So make sure you have a plan to post often so you can be reap the rewards of Twitter’s latest change.

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