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Vendors step in to help dealers through CDK software outage

Vendors step in to help dealers through CDK software outage

By Georgia Hall and Riley Hodder
June 27, 2024

CDK Global experienced two cyberattacks June 19 that left dealerships across the U.S. and Canada unable to use the systems required for new- and used-vehicle sales, service, parts orders and more. During the outage, auto retail vendors stepped up to help keep dealerships — whether clients or not — working.

David Gonzalez, president of Fletcher Jones Automotive Group in Newport Beach, Calif., said the CDK crisis has galvanized the automotive retail community.

“Although we compete daily, sometimes viciously, we are a pretty tight community when things get tough,” he said.

Here is an examples of a vendor pitching in.

DAS Technology
The customer engagement technology company is helping dealers maintain their digital and social media connections with their customers during the outage. The company is waiving subscription fees for new activations of their lead response messaging, SMS solutions and custom microsites. Dealers who were clients before the attack were offered new features at no additional cost to help them reach customers around unavailable software systems.

“We can give consumers and dealerships a streamlined way to provide vehicle quotes and schedule appointments all without losing crucial data that would otherwise be lost using only manual tools and personal emails or cell phones,” said Alexi Venneri, co-founder and CEO of DAS Technology, in a statement.

Dealers have appreciated the help that DAS Technology has provided.

“This past week, DAS was quick to partner with us to leverage their Response Logix solution to ensure that we could continue to communicate with our customers and prospects when other vendor systems were not operating,” said Kevin Cravo, sales director at Royal Automotive Group in Tucson, Ariz. “We can work our leads in their platform, including sending emails and texts to consumers, without losing data.”

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