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Gain actionable insights on social media and technology solutions to drive your business forward with these on-demand webinars. Learn about effective strategies, tips, and tricks to boost online sales and elevate your digital presence. Tune in today and watch your online showroom reach maximum growth and potential! 

Thursday, 6/13/24 | 11am PT / 2pm ET

Elevate Your Dealership’s Reputation!

Join our upcoming DAS Technology webinar and discover how to leverage online reviews to build trust, attract new customers, and boost sales! Our expert team will share strategies for encouraging positive reviews and responding to negative feedback effectively.

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Hosted By:
Kirstin King |Sr. Client Coordinator, Customer Activation | DAS Technology
Eddie Vasquez | Manager, Digital Performance, Consumer Engagement | DAS Technology

Thursday, 6/20/24 | 11am PT / 2pm ET

Social Media Best Practices: Advanced Content Strategies for Auto Dealers

Elevate your dealership’s social media game with our upcoming webinar, “Social Media Best Practices: Advanced Content Strategies for Auto Dealers”!

We’re going to touch on the three legs of the social marketing stool:

VEHICLE-FOCUSED – how “always-on” programmatic inventory ads help you move metal
SEASONAL – how to creatively take advantage of holidays and OEM events to rise above the competition
RELATIONAL – how content and connections engage your audience and increase lifetime value

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your social media presence and connect with consumers like never before!

Hosted By:
Kristen Hintze| Vice President, Operations | DAS Technology