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Gain actionable insights on social media and technology solutions to drive your business forward with these on-demand webinars. Learn about effective strategies, tips, and tricks to boost online sales and elevate your digital presence. Tune in today and watch your online showroom reach maximum growth and potential! 

Wednesday, 7/13/24 | 11am PT / 2pm ET

Digital Resilience – Preparing Auto Dealers for Vendor Outages

In an increasingly digital world, auto dealers must be prepared for the unexpected. Join us for an insightful webinar on “Digital Resilience,” where we’ll explore how to ensure your dealership remains operational during vendor outages. Discover the essential components of a robust Digital Disaster Preparedness Kit and learn about effective workarounds to keep your business running smoothly when the digital storm hits.

Don’t wait for the crisis to strike—be proactive and equip your dealership with the tools and strategies needed to navigate any digital disruption.

Hosted By:
Jason Barrie | Chief Operating Officer | DAS Technology
Krys VanSlyke | SVP, Marketing | DAS Technology

Thursday, 7/25/24 | 11am PT / 2pm ET

Summer School for Lead Response: What’s on Your Report Card?

Gear up for a summer session designed to boost your lead response skills and drive sales! Just like in school, your performance matters—so let’s review your lead response report card. Are you earning straight A’s, or do you need extra credit?

We just finished a lead response study of over 900 dealers! Join us to see how you stack up – are you at the top of the class, or could you use some tutoring?

Industry experts will share proven strategies and tips to help you respond to leads more effectively, improve customer engagement, and increase conversion rates. We’ll cover response time, follow-up techniques, and more, with practical examples and case studies from top-performing dealerships.

Don’t miss this chance to learn, improve, and ace your lead response game this summer!

Hosted By:
Kristen Judd | Head of OEM, Partnerships and SaaS Strategy | DAS Technology
Michael Erb | Manager, Business Development | DAS Technology