On Demand Webinar: Why Dealers Should Use Vehicle Listing Ads


On-Demand Webinar

Expert from Google Explains Why Your Dealership Should Use Vehicle Listing Ads (VLA)

It’s time to kick your merchandising into high gear with Google Vehicle Listing Ads! Google’s Ryan McFarland will explain the newest ad format that shows your inventory to nearby, in-market vehicle buyers.

89% of new car buyers researched their vehicle online first. For Dealers, this new ad format is a perfect way to show up at the top of search and increase conversions by more than 25%. This new ad format results in a better shopping experience for customers and more sales for dealers.

Ready to learn all the Google VLA data and details…and what it can do for your dealership? Watch our webinar on-demand now!

Presenter: Google Account Executive, Ryan McFarland

Originally Aired Thursday, June 9, 2022