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Why Facebook Pixels are the picture-perfect solution for your business

Why Facebook Pixels are the picture-perfect solution for your business

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All businesses want to see their Facebook advertising efforts translate into tangible ROI. Fortunately, the abundance of data on Facebook allows businesses to generate better analytics than ever—but they need the right tools to do so. To most effectively leverage this data, businesses should use Facebook Pixels. Facebook Pixels are essentially a piece of code that businesses can embed into their websites that collects customer data to improve advertising results.

Facebook Pixels are an analytics tool that shows results by providing click rates, conversions and overall traffic. Facebook Pixels also allow marketers to see who is visiting their site regularly, and exactly what they are doing on the site, so they can develop more personalized messages to these key audience members. While these are key benefits of Facebook Pixels, the retargeting, converting and lookalike audience features make this tool essential for businesses seeking to improve Facebook ad results.

Retargeting Ads

The ability to retarget ads much more strategically than otherwise possible through Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature is one of the biggest benefits of Facebook Pixels. While the feature doesn’t let businesses target individual users, it does allow them to target select groups. These groups can include custom audiences such as people who visited the site in the last 24 hours, people who haven’t been to the site in more than a month and people who viewed a specific page. By dropping a cookie that’s strategically targeted at these specific groups, the personalization aspect of advertising is enhanced and the likelihood they’ll return to the site increases.

Converting Customers

Similar to Custom Audiences, Facebook Pixel comes with a Custom Conversions feature. This feature helps marketers see dollar for dollar their ROI on Facebook ads. For example, values can be attached to each lead to help see whether resources are being distributed effectively. If a customer spends $15 on a businesses’ website but it costs $25 to attract that customer through Facebook ads, marketers will know to adjust their approach. Custom Conversions are also independent of Facebook ads and can be used repeatedly for future campaigns. Facebook Pixels also track conversions, making them a low-stress way to track the buyer journey.

Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Pixel’s Lookalike Audience feature expands a businesses’ potential customer base. It uses existing data to help build a separate audience that’s similar to the audience that already visits the website regularly. This can be customized to include as much as 10 percent of whichever country the business chooses to target, and as little as one percent. Facebook Audiences are an easy way to find new customers without spending too much time on acquisition.

Facebook Pixels are an essential element of the marketing mix that all businesses should take advantage of. This tool helps to better define audiences, allowing businesses to create more personalized Facebook ads that generate more clicks, increase conversions and ultimately boost sales.

Businesses should continually evaluate all of their marketing efforts to ensure they’re reaching their target markets and delivering a return on investment. Digital Air Strike offers free, custom social media and online reputation intel reports of businesses to identify how they look online and what can be improved. Request yours at www.digitalairstrike.com/intel-report

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