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Why Social Media Matters for Your Business in 2018

Why Social Media Matters for Your Business in 2018

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Social media matters more to your business in 2018 than ever before. Did you know that roughly 75% of shoppers research a company online before buying a product? A simple Google search will pull up everything a customer wants to know about your company’s reputation and how your business is communicating on social media. How your brand is interacting online may determine whether a prospective customer visits your location or the competitor down the street.

Social media has revolutionized brand-customer interactions. Now, more than ever, it is vital to maintain an active Facebook account. 76% of Facebook users check their account every day, to the tune of 2.2 billion monthly active users. Hundreds of millions more rely on other social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Everyone is connected through various social media sites, and customers are now relying on social media as a primary means to communicate with businesses. Is your brand listening?

Building a strong social media presence also helps improve your business’s placement in Google search results, making your first impression with customers even more significant. Getting to know who your customers are and what they want is key, and this can be done by creating an open line of communication through your social media channels. Talk to your customers and find out what type of social media they are using and on which platforms they are most active. Then, make sure your brand is there as well.

Create engaging content and start conversations with your customers. Engaging content will teach people something, make them think, or entertain them while they scroll through their Facebook feed. With updates to Facebook occurring frequently, organic reach can become a challenge and growth may happen slowly at first. However, it’s important to continue to share relevant content and interact with your consumers. The more people that interact with and “like” your content, the more likely the content will continue to appear on their timelines – and then their friends will see it, and so on.

By cultivating your online presence through social media, you’re building a foundation of trust with your customers and developing connections that will likely translate to real-world purchases. Here are the best practices to ensure you are maximizing your brand’s Facebook presence:

  • Post regular content – vary and personalize your content to tell your story.
  • Facebook Apps – take advantage of this feature to add coupons, a feed of positive customer feedback, other social site links (i.e. YouTube), or even contests.
  • Avoid Facebook Engagement Bait! – there are still plenty of great ways to engage in a meaningful, Facebook-approved way.
  • Respond and acknowledge any time a customer reaches out – either “like” their comment or add a response.
  • Reviews! Yes, Facebook is also a review site. Make sure to check these regularly and respond to any new customer reviews.

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