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In the Words of Mark Zuckerberg

In the Words of Mark Zuckerberg

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Earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s stellar 2016 annual results in tandem with an Elon Musk style “Master Plan” that gave us a glimpse at the future of Facebook and reaffirmed why businesses need to be active and engaged on the social site.

The annual report revealed an astonishing 18% growth rate in daily-active-users (DAU) for a total of 1.23 billion people who check their Facebook daily. Monthly active users in 2016 totaled just under 1.9 billion which makes Facebook’s “population” larger than any nation in the world. There are now more than 65 million businesses on Facebook spending a combined $26 billion across Facebook’s Ad Network to connect with their customers. That’s up an astonishing 57% from 2015!

Zuck’s post reiterated the importance of video across all of Facebook’s ecosystem and came with the announcement of new video buying options for publishers like completed-view buying, two-second buying, and sound-on buying. Publishers skeptical of the time their audience spend watching their ads can now see duration metrics for Video Ads in milliseconds.

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