Yelp iPad App Update Increases Visibility of Photos, Announcements, Business Information

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Have you optimized your dealership’s Yelp page? If not, there’s never been a better time because more than 45% of Yelp users access the site with mobile apps and Yelp has just updated its iPad app in ways that will benefit dealers with optimized Yelp profiles.

For all dealers, it is more important than ever to have plenty of recent, high quality pics in your photo reel and run announcements ongoing, as both are now placed front and center for consumers. “From this Business” is now showing too, so make sure your profile is up-to-date and complete.

Additional changes that will help consumers include:

  • When searching for a business, consumers can see friends who are currently checked in
  • New information indicating that businesses are approaching opening or closing time
  • Businesses running Yelp Deals will have them placed front and center

Yelp’s iPad app was already terrific, and these upgrades mean tablet users will be more likely than ever to turn straight to Yelp when it comes time to search for a business of interest.

iPad App Before Update


yelp ipad before


iPad App After Update


yelp ipad after

Consumers with decreasing attention spans are increasingly relying on images to make decisions, so it comes as no surprise that Yelp is making them more prominent on its platform – especially since it’s competitors are.

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