Yelp Update Includes Verification Check Mark and Facebook Login

Yelp Help: Yelp update includes verification checkmark and Facebook login

Yelp Help: Yelp update includes verification checkmark and Facebook login

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Yelp is making two changes that make it more business-friendly and more user-friendly.

First, it’s offering claimed page verification check marks that indicate the profile is “official”, the information is accurate and the business is actively engaged on Yelp. Why is a check mark important for your business? Simple. When users search for a business one of the most important things they look for is credibility. The check mark lets them know they’ve found YOU not a bogus profile. Digital Air Strike™ has a team of experts that can help you through the process and assist with getting your business verified.

Second, Yelp is also allowing users the ability to log in to the site using Facebook credentials. By incorporating this change, the site has changed the login process from a previously lengthy form to an easy login using a customer’s Facebook login information. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a Facebook page nowadays?

If managed, Yelp can help businesses attract new customers and generate loyalty. We know the importance of having an updated and active Yelp page. Have you noticed that Yelp ratings appear on the map when you search for a location on an iOS device? So even if potential customers aren’t searching Yelp – they’ll still see ratings for your business.

Digital Air Strike can also block competitor ads on your Yelp profile so when people search for your business – they don’t see your competition.

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