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Stream Your Ads & Inventory Across the Biggest Shows & Live Sporting Events

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Partner with Digital Air Strike to advertise to a highly-targeted audience on internet connected devices wherever they’re viewing their favorite movies, television shows, and live sports.

Exclusive Ad Targeting with Amazon First-Party Data

  • Digital Air Strike offers highly targeted streaming video ads using Amazon’s first-party data that includes world-class target audience insights, consumer behaviors, and geotargeted locations
  • The power of Digital Air Strike and Amazon video ad geotargeting combine to reach consumers in exact geographic locations

DAS Exclusive for Auto Dealers: Dynamic Inventory Integration

  • Digital Air Strike is the first OTT partner selected by Amazon for Automotive and the only partner offering inventory integration for the Automotive Market
  • Digital Air Strike automatically integrates your current inventory into your video ads
  • Automatically advertise current inventory and pricing with dynamic OTT ads that target car buyers during Live Sports, TV Shows, and movies

Exclusive Retargeting Online

  • Digital Air Strike retargets in-market consumers that view your video ad on Amazon and Google Display Networks to drive your website traffic

Custom Ad Creation

  • Ad creative included. Digital Air Strike offers exclusive :15 or :30 video ad creation, including production, obtaining professional talent, post-production, and securing all streaming rights for your ad

Unparalleled Ad Viewership Across a Huge Streaming Audience

  • Streaming video ads play full screen during shows and sporting events including NFL and college football, Mad Men, Parks and Recreation
  • Video ads reach targeted TV viewers and play full screen during shows and sporting events and can’t be skipped delivering a 97% completion rate

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